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Constructing Worlds: Building software solutions

6 & 7 June | CityCube Berlin

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User Experience

Maybe it looks good, but is it usable? Or is it even both?
You don’t have to be a designer to get the basics right, but if you want to dive deeper into understanding the persons who will actually use the devices and how to make them feel at home – well, you’re at home baby!

Cloud and Mobile

There is the saying that the cloud is just someone else’s computer, but it will have to run somewhere. And we don’t judge you by the cloud you use, even if you are agnostic.
Serious topics like mobile development are special ingredients, so charge your phones!

Programming Languages and Frameworks

There is a reason why you are AFK and at the World Congress. Learn new tricks, get insane ideas and take your coding to the next level.
Apart from old friends like Javascript or PHP you will be able to meet new ones.

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