The five flavors of software development

6th & 7th June | CityCube Berlin

Constructing Worlds

Building end-to-end software solutions

The makers, the startups and developer teams shaping, what we see as cutting edge on the web, the desktop and mobile as well as what we will experience within the next years.

  • Frontend, UX, Mobile
  • Languages & Frameworks (e.g. .NET, Java, Python, PHP…)
  • Cloud (Distributed Systems)
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Unchaining Engineering

Hardware and embedded engineering

Breaking out of the boundaries of computing devices and approaching the user behind the screen. From Gaming and robotics to AR/VR. Next stop Autonomous Driving.

  • IoT
  • Extended Reality (AR / VR)
  • Mobility
  • Robotics
  • Gaming & Entertainment
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Controlling Complexity

Mastering ecosystems

Building on top of the constructed worlds we take you on a ride from automation to virtualization, from operations to maintenance. And Software quality and security topics will be big fat cherries on top of the SDLC icing.

  • Quality Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Security
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Coding Society

Principles, culture and responsibility

Agile teams are just the beginning. How will ethics impact the coding of the future? How smart will be the world, the cities, and society. The future of learning has a big impact on that, so we added that to this cocktail.

  • Teams & Culture
  • Coding & Ethics
  • Smart World RC1
  • Education
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