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6 & 7 June | CityCube Berlin

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Constructing Worlds
Building end-to-end Software Solutions

Controlling Complexity
Mastering ecosystems

Applying Disruption
Emerging technologies

Unchaining Engineering
Hardware & Embedded Engineering

Coding Society
Principles, culture & responsibility

Thursday, June 6

Opening Keynote
Dorothee Bär

Paradigm shift in interaction design
Brie Code

Making software loveable – the importance of design in the SDLC
Basak Haznedaroglu

Data visualization for developers
Shirley Wu

Tech Entrepreneurship: How to Turn an Idea into Reality
Christoph Gerber

Rapid Prototyping – how to start a successful IoT project
Robert Jänisch

When testing makes no sense
Miro Svrtan

Ephemeral onions (creating and running ephemeral .onion services)
Silvia Puglisi

Bridging the Digital Gap for Women and Girls in Africa
Fadzayi Chiwandire

Zero Trust Theorem, How deeply can we trust our software?
Andrzej Dyjak

Camera based SLAM
Nicolas Thorstensen

1.2 or 1,2? — The Challenges of Becoming a Data-Driven Company
Manuel Eugster

Keeping up with Upstream
Nicolas Byl

Friday, June 7

How to be a good cloud citizen – orchestration of cloud infrastructure with libraries and frameworks
Felix Kronlage

Writing stable iOS applications
Leah Culver

Text Classification with Dynamic Taxonomies
Shai Hertz

Software Quality without Testing
Christina Hauk

Get ready for warp speed: Building a scalable IT organisationoding Society
Steffen Heilmann

Building a bundler (Webpack, most popular module bundler in the JavaScript world today)
Stanimira Vlaeva

The Only Way to Test Live Payments at Scale – Access diverse payment instruments across the globe
Mike Plachta

Psychology of User Experience for digital dimensions
Vladimir Novick

Testing your tests’ quality – Introduction to Mutation Testing
Felix Wu

Inclusive and beautiful “AI Made in Europe”
Nancy Nemes

Bulletproof Shoes (history and evolution of our “token nuker”)
Max Feldman

Mutation Testing to the Rescue of your Tests
Nicolas Fränkel

Building Ethical Software
Michael Schuller

Git Fu Developing
Sebastian Feldmann

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